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The Powder Magazine: Touring South Carolina’s Oldest Public Building

It was hard to believe I was standing inside the oldest building in South Carolina. The nice wooden floors, protective beige stucco, and interactive displays made it seem more like a modern museum. Then again the seamless blend of centuries old history with modern life is one of the most popular themes in Charleston, South Carolina, so the Powder Magazine fit in very nicely. TOP: Recreation of short rifles used while riding horseback. BOTTOM: What is Black Powder? You can find out with all this information. Almost as soon as I closed the entrance door John Young, the assistant

Three Days in Beaufort and the Sea Islands of South Carolina

It was late on a chilly Thursday evening in February when I spontaneously decided I needed a weekend getaway. With a world of possibilities and only three days to enjoy it, where would I go? I wanted to visit someplace I’d never been, that had more than enough to keep me occupied for a weekend, and was just as exciting at night as by day. As soon as I considered Beaufort, South Carolina I knew I had found my weekend getaway.

My 12 Favorite Travel Photos of Beaufort, South Carolina

I started my year off with a long weekend in Beaufort, South Carolina. I had always wanted to visit this southern beach town, I’d heard great things about it, but it was a final spontaneous decision that brought me here. I am so glad I did. I spent the weekend running around between the charming downtown Beaufort area, nearby Port Royal, visited Hunting Island State Park, and even chased down a few haunted locations. Needless to say I had an amazing weekend! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the weekend. Click the photo to purchase a