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The earliest road trip I can remember was a family vacation one summer. We spent a few days traveling down the East Coast from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach. I remember how the boredom of sitting in a stuffy car was pleasantly interrupted by the occasional stop at some exciting destination.

Photography will always be my greatest passion, but writing was my first. Now I combine these talents to craft tales of road trip adventures, itineraries, and destination guides.

For me road trips are not just a passion or a career; they are a way of life. Let’s go for a drive.

january’s featured destination

South Carolina State Parks

Read about my journey to become a South Carolina Ultimate Outsider or about my adventures in the parks I’ve visited so far.

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I don’t have many wintry images beause I haven’t traveled much in the winter. I prefer warm weather, shorts, and flip flops. Click below to browse through my Winter Collection of fine art prints.