Favorite Travel Photos to Inspire You to Visit Thomasville, Georgia

Browse through my favorite travel captured captured in Thomasville, Georgia.

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Jason Barnette


July 21, 2020

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COVID-19 has changed the world. The tourism industry has been one of the hardest hit areas of the global pandemic. Local restaurants, museums, state and national parks have all changed hours of operation, procedures, and some have gone out of business altogether.

Please verify current operations of any places you want to visit mentioned in these articles, and contact me if a business has permanently closed so I can update the article. Thank you and stay safe out there!

It only took one walk through downtown Thomasville to fall in love with the small town. The charming town is tucked away into the southwest corner of Georgia, secluded, but worth the drive. I spent an extended weekend exploring the town and couldn’t seem to put the camera away!

Here are some of my favorite travel photos I captured during my stay in Thomasville, Georgia. Leave me a comment below and tell me which of these is your favorite!

Welcome to Thomasville! Sidewalks dotted with outdoor seating and umbrellas made the town feel inviting. Every shop had the door wide open with fragrance of food and dessert pleasantly drifting through town.

Of course, first there was coffee! Grassroots coffee had comfortable seating throughout their gorgeous space.

The Farmer’s Daughter Vineyard Tasting Room was another comfortable place to visit.

This burger made with homemade pimento cheese at Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop was one of the best lunches of the year!

The “Handle With Care” statue was a nice touch to downtown decor, but my favorite was the Hunt for the Lost Quail tucked away into hidden nooks all around town!

The Big Oak was one of the hidden attractions near the edge of downtown Thomasville. Nearly 340 years old, the enormous tree was so large it needed support pillars fifty feet away from the trunk.

Pebble Hill Plantation was the only plantation open to the public in Thomasville. Guided tours of the Main House were a great way to spend an hour.

Thomasville was very much a classic southern town. Charming, friendly, and exciting. I miss it dearly, and cannot wait for a return trip on a future road trip!

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