My 10 Favorite Travel Photos of Columbia, South Carolina

Written by

Jason Barnette


September 5, 2017

I only had three days to spend in Columbia so I didn’t waste any time getting to the good stuff. The South Carolina capital had always remained an intersection of interstates for me but this time I took the scenic route in, and out, as I explore the city. I found an exciting zoo, chased lightning across rooftops of parking garages, visited a state park, toured the State House Building, and explored an amazing museum. I need to go back again soon.

Here are some of my favorite travel photos from my brief time in Columbia. Enjoy and be sure to leave a message below and let me know which photo was your favorite!

This hamadryas baboon must’ve been having a bad day but he made for some pretty pictures.


The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden surprised me…with this botanical garden! It was beautiful to walk through and easy to reach with a shuttle bus ride across the river.


The original Columbia Waterworks are open for exploration along the 3 Rivers Greenway near downtown.


This view at Sesquicentennial State Park was as peaceful as it was beautiful.


This decades-old telescope in the observatory on the roof of the South Carolina State Museum made for a nice photograph.


This large mill building was near the visitor center off Lincoln Street.


The South Carolina State House features dozens of walking trails around the beautiful building.


The interior of the State House was just beautiful, and I managed to pick a time when the politicians weren’t in session.


The dozens of blue herons in the shallow Broad River at Riverside Park completely surprised me, and gave me an excuse to whip out the telephoto lens and spend an afternoon shooting photos.


This was the only photo of lightning I managed to capture in 2017 and what a stunning moment it was!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your stay in my beautiful home town. Columbia really has a lot to offer anyone, anytime. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

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