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Coated paper with a shiny, reflective surface and high-contrast colors.


Coated paper with a significantly less reflective surface leading to deeper colors, but less contrast.


Coated paper with a glossy finish, but also with a metallic appearance that adds visual interest and depth.


Special dyes are infused onto the smooth surface of 1/8″ sheets of aluminum, creating a glossy finish with superior contrast and depth.

Shipping is free gratis complimentary on the house

Shipping is free because it was too difficult to figure out what to charge for various print sizes and media. I factored an average amount into the print cost. The rest is on the house.

Shipping typically takes 2-3 weeks. Orders are printed at a lab, shipped to my “home” address where I add a few extra touches, and then shipped to you.

Want to place a custom order? Great!

I accept all manner of custom orders. Particular print sizes, different media, framed, matted, just about anything you can imagine.

Custom orders take time, however. Particularly if I’m on a road trip.

If you would like to inquire about a custom order, please email me at jason@roadtripsandcoffee.com and I will respond as soon as possible!

What is



TENPercent is my way of giving back to many of the public lands and attractions I photograph. I donate ten percent of the proceeds of most fine art print sales to various charities I support.

Look to the right to see if this particular print is part of my TENPercent program. By purchasing this print, you will be supporting the charity listed.

Purchasing this fine art print supports:

Habitat for Humanity

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Need to get in touch with me with questions about my travel articles, inside tips, or help planning a road trip? I'm happy to help!

Drop me a message and I'll respond as soon as possible.