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My name is Jason. For as long as I can remember, road trips have been a part of my life. Just as soon as I got my driver’s license, I was off exploring the scenic roads where I grew up in the mountains.

I created Road Trips & Coffee to combine my passion for photography and writing with my thrill of long road trips. On this website, you will find road trip guides, stories about destinations, interviews with awesome people, and lots of inspirational photos.

This page will help get you started with exploring all the content, finding me on social media, and making sure we stay connected as my perpetual road trip continues!

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About every week or two, I publish a new road trip guide. These guides can be based on a particular highway, a special travel theme, or an interstate exit guide. Find the latest here.

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Along every road trip I discover amazing places, interesting people, and topics I just have to write about. Here, you’ll find all the best information to get inspired for your next trip.

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Planning a road trip can be a daunting task on unfamiliar roads or if you’re not used to that style of travel. Here, you’ll find all sorts of helpful information as I break down the tasks into manageable segments to get you road tripping quickly.

Travel Gear

Road trips are easier, safer, and more comfortable if you have the best travel gear. From the roadside emergency kit to a fleece blanket, I have endless packing lists of travel gear for your next road trip adventure.

Travel Inspiration

I feel the best way to help you get inspired to travel is to show you what I’ve been writing about. Here you’ll find some of my last road trip itineraries, general blog posts, and photo essays.

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Plan a Road Trip

Oh boy, oh boy, do I ever have something wonderful planned for 2020. Beginning right after the New Year I am diversifying my blogging from just travel posts to include how-tos, behind the scenes, and planning posts. One of my first topics will be “How to Plan a Road Trip” with posts on travel gear, transportation for road trips, how to choose the best routes, and how to plan the road trip.

Check back here to see the blog posts throughout 2020!

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