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Start Here

Not sure where to start with Road Trips & Coffee? Well, it starts with lots of coffee. I’m not exactly a coffee addict but I do 90% of my writing and photography editing with a coffee sitting on a warming plate on the desk.

On this page you’ll find a little info about me, some of my latest travel inspiration blog posts, how to plan a road trip, travel tips and resources, and some of my latest digital travel guides. Enjoy!

Get to Know Me

My name is Jason Barnette. I write about road trips and all the amazing destinations I discover along the way. But for me road trips are not just a career or a passion; they are a way of life. Photography will always be my greatest passion and I captured almost every photos you’ll see on this site – others will include a credit. However, writing will always be my first passion. I started writing a novel – which I never finished – when I was 14 years old.

Today I blend my three passions – road trips, photography, and writing – into a career of freelance travel writing and photography with my website Road Trips & Coffee. I write road trip itineraries, destination guides, capture high quality photography, and drinks lots of coffee. I hope you enjoy perusing my website and when you’re ready let’s go for a drive!

Travel Inspiration

I feel the best way to help you get inspired to travel is to show you what I’ve been writing about. Here you’ll find some of my last road trip itineraries, general blog posts, and photo essays.

Road Trip Itineraries

Blog Posts

Photo Essays

Plan a Road Trip

Oh boy, oh boy, do I ever have something wonderful planned for 2020. Beginning right after the New Year I am diversifying my blogging from just travel posts to include how-tos, behind the scenes, and planning posts. One of my first topics will be “How to Plan a Road Trip” with posts on travel gear, transportation for road trips, how to choose the best routes, and how to plan the road trip.

Check back here to see the blog posts throughout 2020!

Travel Resources

Digital Travel Guides

Digital Travel Guides is something I have been thinking about throughout 2019 and I am finally close to launching. I will convert all my road trip itineraries and most of my destination guides into downloadable, printable PDF guides. The guides are meant to be downloaded onto your favorite mobile device so you can take them with you on your next adventure.

These Digital Travel Guides will include a wealth of information such as phone number, GPS address, and website for every business and attraction mentioned, all clickable so you can place a call or get directions on your phone with a single tap.

The first of the Digital Travel Guides will be published in January 2020 so check back here to learn more.