Becoming a South Carolina Ultimate Outsider

South Carolina loves the outdoors. From the Blue Ridge Escarpment at the Appalachian Mountains to the Grand Strand along the coast, the Palmetto State has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts. Want to know how I know? They have a program called the South Carolina Ultimate Outsider to see who visits all 47 state parks.

This is my story about becoming a South Carolina Ultimate Outsider and everything I found along the way.

South Carolina Ultimate Outsider

A South Carolina Ultimate Outsider is any person who visits all 47 state parks in the state and collects a stamp in The Official Guide to South Carolina State Parks book. The stamps are usually located at the visitor center, but in smaller parks they could be found at a kiosk. Once you have collected all the stamps you simply find a park ranger and reap the reward!

For me the reward is the entire experience. Hiking trails, scenic overlooks, waterfalls, cabins, there is just so much to love about South Carolina state parks. But I never allow myself to collect a stamp unless I achieve two goals: 1) spend at least an hour in the park and 2) finish at least one activity.

Once you become a South Carolina Ultimate Outsider, you get a commemorative t-shirt, a swag bag full of goodies, and a shout out on social media with the park ranger who verified the completion of your book. What a wonderful way to celebrate visiting every state park in South Carolina!

Complete List

South Carolina State Parks

There are 47 state parks and historic sites across South Carolina. This is the complete list of all sites including links to the state park website if I have not visited, and links to my articles about the park if I have visited.

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State Parks I've Visited

Visited 53%

Before I collect a stamp at a state park I have two goals I must achieve: 1) spend at least an hour in the park and 2) finish at least one activity. After achieving those two goals I will check the park off the list, collect my stamp in the book, and eventually write about my time in the park.

Here are the state parks I have visited so far listed in the order I visited them. I will add a link to a blog post after I have written about my adventure at that park. I still have a ways to go to become a South Carolina Ultimate Outsider? How far have you gotten?

SC State Park No. 25

From a slave owner to the first editor of Life Magazine, four generations of Hammonds called Redcliffe Plantation their home.

SC State Park No. 22

Everything you need to know about having an exciting weekend of golf, hiking, and paddling at this hidden South Carolina state park.

SC State Park No. 21

Explore the museum to learn about President Andrew Jackson. Go hiking around the lake to enjoy the peacefulness of nature.

SC State Park No. 16

Discovery how to spend an amazing weekend of hiking, golfing, and relaxing at Hickory Knob State Resort Park.

SC State Park No. 14

Learn when to visit Landsford Canal State Park to enjoy the spectacular rocky shoals spider lilies, go for a hike, or enjoy some kayaking.

SC State Park No. 13

Here are a few things to do with a day trip to this South Carolina state historic site in Summerville.

SC State Park No. 7

Charles Towne Landing State Park is located at the site of the original colony in the Carolinas and today features hiking/walking trails, a replica 17th-century sailing vessel, and a natural habitat zoo.

SC State Park No. 6

Complete travel guide to one of the smallest state parks in South Carolina with one of the biggest scenic overlooks.

SC State Park No. 3

Everything you need to know about the fishing pier, campground, picnic shelters, and horseback riding at Myrtle Beach State Park.

SC State Park No. 2

Did you know George Washington spent a night here after becoming the first president and saved an oak tree? This is what you’ll learn with a tour at this South Carolina state historic site.

SC State Park No. 1

Here are a few things to do at one of the most popular, beautiful, and exciting state parks in South Carolina.

South Carolina State Park Photography

My favorite thing to do in a South Carolina state park – and any where else I travel – is to capture great photography to tell the story of the destination. Browse through some of my favorite travel photos from the state parks.