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…Hello 2018!

A new year is here. A fresh 365 days. So what will I do? Where will I go? The sky is the limit and I plan to use every day to the fullest. Here are a few things I plan to do this year.

The Hidden Angel Oak (and Restaurant) in Johns Island, South Carolina

Standing seventy feet tall and covering 17,000 square feet with the shade of it’s leaves, the five-hundred year old Angel Oak is one of the top hidden places in Charleston. And now I just told you about it. But don’t stop reading just yet because there is more to do than just see a tree that nearly ten feet in diameter.

Three Days in Beaufort and the Sea Islands of South Carolina

It was late on a chilly Thursday evening in February when I spontaneously decided I needed a weekend getaway. With a world of possibilities and only three days to enjoy it, where would I go? I wanted to visit someplace I’d never been, that had more than enough to keep me occupied for a weekend, and was just as exciting at night as by day. As soon as I considered Beaufort, South Carolina I knew I had found my weekend getaway.