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10 Favorite Travel Photos From Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is like a sister city to Charleston just across the harbor. Anchoring one end of the infamous Ravenel Bridge, Mount Pleasant has lots of fun and exciting things to do; fine dining, outdoor recreation, and amazing sunset views. It’s one of my favorite places to visit in South Carolina, rivaling even Charleston itself.

17 Favorite Travel Photos of Sunsets in the Southeast

Every day an hour before sunset I begin a routine that has become second nature to me: pull out a map, check the direction of sunset, and scout a location for a potential photo. I have several apps that help me with planning the location down to a specific GPS coordinate. I arrive at the destination, set up my photography and video gear, pull out a chair, and wait for the show.

20 Travel Photos To Get You Ready for Summer

Summer across the Southeastern United States is so much more than just long days and warm temperatures. It is a time of year marked by local farmers’ markets, Friday nights spent at a drive-in movie theater, water activities such as kayaking or swimming, and epic thunderstorms that lead to beautiful rainbows.

16 Favorite Moments From 2016

Standing on a beach surrounded by lightning, struggling against gusting winds on the Mile High Swinging Bridge, watching epic sunsets and battling elk, almost getting stranded on a tiny island for the night, and embarking on the most amazing road trip I’ve taken yet. 2016 was a great year for travel. And it just so happens I have the photos to prove it.

Taking the Long Way Around

I took the train into Chicago rather than drive just so I could say I’d done it. I got lost on curvy mountain roads in North Carolina just because I wanted to find a spectacular waterfall. I watched a sunset in the middle of a cornfield in Ohio even though I still had three hours still to drive to a very exciting place. It would be so much easier on me if I just simply drove from Point A to Point B, but instead I always find myself taking the long way around. And I never regret it.

The Morris Island Lighthouse in Folly Beach, South Carolina

The Morris Island Lighthouse stands tall above the ocean waters completely surrounding the base just off the north shore in Folly Beach, South Carolina. This now-defunct lighthouse used to stand on Morris Island, but after decades of erosion (especially from the nearby mouth of the Cooper River) the island is all but gone, leaving the lighthouse precariously surrounded by at least a few feet of water at all times. Visitors are not allowed to visit or climb the lighthouse, but you can still enjoy the view from the nearby beach.

7 Smaller Destinations for Labor Day Weekend in the Southeast

This year over 16 million people are expected to fly in the United States for the Labor Day holiday weekend, and even more are expected to drive. Popular destinations like Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina beckon weekend travelers with package deals and special rates, but they also come with the caveat of long lines and heavy traffic. But where could you book a last-minute trip that would keep you entertained, fed, and happy for the holiday weekend?

The Thrill of Spontaneous Travel

I’m laying inside my tent listening to a light rain fall outside, mixed with the melody of a hundred tree frogs and crickets. Just thirty-six hours ago I was checking out of a hotel in Charleston, South Carolina with plans to take a short drive to the North Carolina Brunswick Islands. Instead tonight I’m camping on Chincoteague Island, Virginia. This is not the trip I had planned, but rather a thrilling spontaneous travel moment. Having a plan for travel is a good thing. In fact I recommend it. It’s nice to know where you will eat, sleep, and play.

The Hidden Angel Oak (and Restaurant) in Johns Island, South Carolina

Standing seventy feet tall and covering 17,000 square feet with the shade of it’s leaves, the five-hundred year old Angel Oak is one of the top hidden places in Charleston. And now I just told you about it. But don’t stop reading just yet because there is more to do than just see a tree that nearly ten feet in diameter.