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Strolling Through Waterfront Park in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina. The heart of the Low Country. Amazing cuisine from renown chefs. Steeped in early American history. Unique and amazing arts and crafts around every corner of a cobblestone street. There is so much to do in Charleston but there is one thing I do every time I visit: take a stroll through Waterfront Park. If you’ve been before you’ll agree it’s spectacular, and if you’ve never been you will want to add this to your itinerary during your next visit.

Running Under the Lightning on the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston

A bolt of lightning streaked over our heads and the thunder boomed almost immediately. Rain was coming down as if from a giant shower head in the sky. Amanda was worried about getting struck by lighting but I couldn’t stop smiling. It was a pretty messed up situation but we survived and it became one of my favorite travel moments of the year. Less than twenty-four hours earlier I met Amanda for the first time in the small kitchen of Notso Hostel in Charleston. I was working on photos from my day exploring Shem Creek and Amanda was just

36 Hours in Charleston, South Carolina

Shopping in the historic City Market, enjoying a sunset dinner cruise on Charleston Harbor, and touring one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the country are just a few of the reasons why you need to visit Charleston, South Carolina for a weekend getaway. It’s difficult to whittle down the gargantuan list of options into just a thirty-six hour itinerary, but this just goes to show the Holy City has enough to keep you coming back again and again. Did I mention the rooftop bars or taking a boat ride out to Fort Sumter yet?

17 Free Things to Do In (and Around) Charleston, South Carolina

A horse drawn carriage trots along the cobblestone street while a tour leader tells us about the 1886 Earthquake that leveled half the city and resulted in the popular (and photogenic) earthquake bolts on historic buildings. The carriage returns us to the City Market where we have to take the obligatory walk through, which is soon followed by the obligatory purchase of future Christmas gifts. Dinner that night is at a nice downtown restaurant with fresh seafood and Italian wine. The hotel is just a few blocks away but since we’re so full from the wonderful meal we hire

Wondering Around on Wonders’ Way on the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, SC

Wonders’ Way is a 12′ wide bicycle-pedestrian path on the south side of the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge between Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. The beautiful path is open for anyone to walk, jog, or bike across and offers splendid views of Charleston Harbor and Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. The path is easy to access, exciting to walk, but this is more than just a way to get around Charleston. It is a memorial to a man killed during a vehicle vs. bicyclist collision.