Travel Gear

Every great adventure begins with a packing list. But before you create the list, you need to know what to pack.​

Packing lists are a dime a dozen across the internet. Checklists telling you how many shirts to pack for a vacation, reminding you to take sunscreen, and listing all the toiletries you need for a one-week adventure are seemingly never ending.

That’s not what I do.

Instead, I focus on created travel gear lists – the essential items that should be on every packing list. Rather than try to squeeze all of humanity into a single, generic packing list – I focus my time on writing about specific gear for travel adventures.

Browse through the travel gear lists I have created with years of experience – and lots of trial and error. Looking for a travel gear list you don’t see here? Use the contact form to send me an email and let me know what you need!

Table of Contents

Road Trip Gear

Outdoor Recreation Gear

Coffee Gear

Coming soon. Very soon.

Photography Gear

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Packing Gear

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