Road Trips & Coffee is a personal travel blog written and maintained by Jason Barnette. That’s me. And I strongly believe in your right to privacy while visiting my travel website.

The following policy describes what information I collect, how it is used, and the use of affiliate links.

Privacy Policy

This website may log information using cookies – small data files stored on your local browser. Session cookies expire when you close the browse but persistent cookies may stay for an extended period of time until automatic deletion by the browser or manual deletion by the user. The purpose of cookies is to personalize your experience on the website by tracking your visits – but only tracking your visit to this website.

By using Google Analytics on this website, I collection certain personal information such as your type of browser, device used to visit the website, number of visits to each page on the website, and length of visit to each page. I use this information to determine the success rate of my travel writing and marketing practices. This information will never be sold or given to anyone else.

Information you voluntarily submit to the website may include your full name and email address. The only time this information will be requested is signing up for email marketing – also called the newsletter – and when leaving a comment on any blog article.

How Your Information is Used

I use your information submitted to this website for the following purposes:

  • – Operate and maintain the website.
  • – To send you promotional marketing materials such as newsletters.
  • – To respond to your comments.
  • – To track website visitations for advertising purposes.

Third-Party Use of Your Information

I will never sell your personal information or provide it to anyone else. This information is for my use only. However, there are some third-parties who may have access to the personal information you provide on this website.

Google Analytics tracks all visitors to this website and logs your information via IP address, but no other personal information is captured. Google does not record name, email address, or banking information.

MailChimp is my chosen method for collecting email addresses and sending email marketing materials. The only information MailChimp is provided is your full name and email address only if you choose to register for my email marketing.

This website uses Affiliate Links. An affiliate link is a link to a special URL that provides compensation to me as incentive for placing the link on the website.

I do not accept payment for placing the links on my website. The purpose of an affiliate link is to provide a commission to me. I only earn that commission if you click the affiliate link and make a purchase. You do not pay more for a product purchased through an affiliate link.

I am a member of the Amazon Associates Program and AvantLink affiliate programs.

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