The Paducah Wall-to-Wall Mural in Kentucky

The Paducah Wall-to-Wall Mural is a series of murals along a 14′ high concrete flood wall built as a result of the 1937 flood and today is one of the most iconic attractions along the Ohio River.

The Unique Antebellum Era Welcome Center in Paducah, Kentucky

As I exited I-24 and drove around the building to the front I was certain I was in the wrong place. I got out of the car and gazed at this gorgeous two-story Antebellum era house and told myself again I must have been in the wrong place. But just as soon as I walked […]

The Unexpected Kentucky Dam Visitor Center

I cautiously approached the top of the dam looking for signs warning me to turn around or not to enter, but I couldn’t find any. A few seconds later I was driving across the top of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kentucky Dam. At the other end I found a curving bridge descending to a parking […]

Riding the Big South Fork Scenic Railway in Kentucky

A gentle breeze blows through the open air cars as the diesel-electric locomotive slowly made its way along the Kentucky & Tennessee Railroad. It’s slow going through the lush forest with views of a stream nearby. A little less than an hour after leaving the station in Stearns, Kentucky we arrive at our destination: the […]