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An Unforgettable Evening at the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I have a confession to make: I had never been to a dinner theater show before. I’m not really sure why because I’ve certainly come across them during all my travels. But I had always some other place, usually a local place, to have dinner. This past Friday night I decided it was time to remedy this gap in my travel adventures: I traveled up the coast to Myrtle Beach and spent an evening at the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show. The Pirates Village TOP: It gets crowded on the first floor of the Pirate Village, but this is

The Powder Magazine: Touring South Carolina’s Oldest Public Building

It was hard to believe I was standing inside the oldest building in South Carolina. The nice wooden floors, protective beige stucco, and interactive displays made it seem more like a modern museum. Then again the seamless blend of centuries old history with modern life is one of the most popular themes in Charleston, South Carolina, so the Powder Magazine fit in very nicely. TOP: Recreation of short rifles used while riding horseback. BOTTOM: What is Black Powder? You can find out with all this information. Almost as soon as I closed the entrance door John Young, the assistant

36 Hours in Columbia, South Carolina

I didn’t know how much I wanted to visit Columbia until the first time I visited. South Carolina’s capital city features block after block of fine dining and dive bars, museums and entertainment venues, outdoor recreation and unique shopping. The city has a little bit for everybody and a lot for anybody, and it certainly left an impression on me with a three-day visit. But what could you do with just thirty-six hours?

The Unexpected Riverside Park in Columbia, South Carolina

I had spent three days exploring the state capitol of South Carolina from the Riverside Zoo to the University of South Carolina and everything in between. But on the last morning before I left town along my road trip I made a stop at Riverside Park. I found a completely unexpected, beautiful park teeming with blue herons and great egrets. I ended up spending hours sitting by the roaring water snapping photos with a big grin on my face.