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The Scenic Overlooks of Roanoke, Virginia

Spend a weekend in Roanoke and you’ll learn one thing very quickly: this city has a lot of scenic overlooks. The Roanoke Star is probably the most iconic thing you’ll notice about the city as you first arrive but did you know you can drive up there and stand at a scenic overlook just below the star? Along with two more overlooks on Mill Mountain, two on Roanoke Mountain, and Virginia’s Explore Park this city has your need for mountain overlooks covered.

Produce, Food, Arts & Crafts at the Historic Roanoke City Market

The temperature at my hotel read 28 degrees. The air was calm, no wind, no clouds. It was already 9AM, and I say already because the vendors at the Roanoke City Market had already been there an hour. Despite the fact it was mid-October and frigid, dozens of vendors still set up their produce, baked goods, jars of jam and honey, and loads of arts and crafts. And despite the fact it was mid-October and frigid, the people still flocked to the market. This is probably why this market is the longest continuously used farmers market in Virginia. The

Eating at Beamer’s 25 in Roanoke, Virginia

When I walked through the clear glass doors into Beamer’s 25 in downtown Roanoke, I immediately felt I was underdressed. I was wearing a simple pair of blue jeans with a Virginia Tech Hokies t-shirt (I was going to the Hokies football game the next day). But as I looked around the restaurant, I noticed something that set my mind at ease: at one table sat a group of four men wearing suits and ties, but right next to them sat a family wearing jeans, polo shirts on the men, and blouses on the ladies. Everyone was comfortable, the

To Infinity & Beyond at the Mill Mountain Overlook in Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke, Virginia was once one of the largest hubs for railroad activities in the Southeastern United States. Today, is is once again a major hub for a different kind of industry: tourism. Sitting in the middle of the boundaries between Southwest Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley, Roanoke bills itself as the Gateway to the Blue Ridge Parkway. But when you drive to the top of nearby Mill Mountain you realize it is much more than that. Mill Mountain Park is located high atop Mill Mountain in Roanoke, Virginia. The park includes many iconic destinations such as the Roanoke Star,

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