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36 Hours in Marion, Virginia

Marion was once one of Virginia’s most underrated and overlooked small towns, but thanks to a boom in local entrepreneurs such as a moonshine distillery, renovations of a National Historic Landmark hotel and theatre, and rise of the local food scene, this Southwest Virginia town now boasts one of the best Main Streets for tourism in the region. With easy access from Interstate 81, the town sits on an intersection of popular mountain roads Highway 16 and Highway 11, each taking you on curvy tours of the mountains beyond. So what can you do with a weekend in this

1920’s Charm & Modern Amenities at The General Francis Marion Hotel in Marion, VA

As I walked into the lobby I found myself standing at the original reception desk, Gothic columns behind me, original terrazzo tile under my feet, a telephone switchboard nearby. Then the phone rang. No, not the switchboard phone standing against the wall, but the modern phone next to the computer monitor. You see, The General Francis Marion Hotel has a century-old rustic charm, but it is a fully-equipped modern hotel. The General Francis Marion Hotel was not the first hotel in Marion, but it is the oldest remaining. Although it has changed hands several times over the many years,

Historic, Unique, and State-of-the-Art, the Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Virginia

If you wanted to see one of the most spectacular Mayan temples in the world, you can take a trip to Yucatan, Mexico to see El Castillo at Chichen Itza. Or you could travel to the small country town of Marion, Virginia, to see one of only three Art Deco Mayan Revival theaters in the world, which was designed to evoke images of an ancient Mayan temple. With the addition of six painted murals depicting national and local history, a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, and comfortable theater-style seating on two levels, The Lincoln Theatre is one of the

Eating Local at Wolfe’s BBQ Restaurant in Marion, Virginia

Owners Brett and Jill Wolfe wanted to offer something special and unique to Marion, Virginia. It took a few years, but during the summer of 2013 the doors opened on Main Street to some of the best BBQ in the area (and the only BBQ restaurant in town). The BBQ is delicious, the homemade sauces are amazing, but what is even more amazing is the story behind how these two locals came full circle back to the town where they graduated high school. Wolfe’s BBQ Restaurant & Catering is the latest of a string of new businesses to open