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The Airport Observation Park at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport

I’m watching an Airbus A320 taxi to the end of the runway just a few hundred feet from me. After a few moments the pilot pushes the throttle to maximum and the sound of the engines covers my ears like a noisy earmuff. As the plane smoothly moves forward, I catch a sight of the towering skyscrapers of Uptown Charlotte in the distance, faint through the hazy summer heat. This it the Airport Observation Park at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, and this is where I had breakfast.

7 Smaller Destinations for Labor Day Weekend in the Southeast

This year over 16 million people are expected to fly in the United States for the Labor Day holiday weekend, and even more are expected to drive. Popular destinations like Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina beckon weekend travelers with package deals and special rates, but they also come with the caveat of long lines and heavy traffic. But where could you book a last-minute trip that would keep you entertained, fed, and happy for the holiday weekend?

Drive-In Movie Theaters: Where Nostalgia Meets Functionality

A year ago I cruised into a drive-in movie theater in northern Indiana with the best friend and her family. We set up chairs in front of our cars, powered up a portable speaker for the sound, and watched a double feature beneath a brilliant starry sky. It was a nostalgic experience for me, a functional experience for the best friend’s family, and an entertaining experience for us all.

12 Things to Do Out of the Water in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The news broke with an ominous thud: jellyfish invade Myrtle Beach, stay out of the water. Suddenly thousands of people who traveled across the country for the sun, sand, and surf were left without a chance to get in the water (don’t worry, though, it’s safe again as of this posting). But while Myrtle Beach is known for the long, wide beaches and pleasant waters, that’s not the only thing to do in this bustling tourism town.