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Three Days in Beaufort and the Sea Islands of South Carolina

It was late on a chilly Thursday evening in February when I spontaneously decided I needed a weekend getaway. With a world of possibilities and only three days to enjoy it, where would I go? I wanted to visit someplace I’d never been, that had more than enough to keep me occupied for a weekend, and was just as exciting at night as by day. As soon as I considered Beaufort, South Carolina I knew I had found my weekend getaway.

My 12 Favorite Travel Photos of Beaufort, South Carolina

I started my year off with a long weekend in Beaufort, South Carolina. I had always wanted to visit this southern beach town, I’d heard great things about it, but it was a final spontaneous decision that brought me here. I am so glad I did. I spent the weekend running around between the charming downtown Beaufort area, nearby Port Royal, visited Hunting Island State Park, and even chased down a few haunted locations. Needless to say I had an amazing weekend! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the weekend. Click the photo to purchase a

Work With Me

Thinking of working with me? Great! My life is a road trip but my business is to inspire others to travel. Here are some ways we can work together, details about my brand and audience, and lots and lots of numbers.

…Hello 2018!

A new year is here. A fresh 365 days. So what will I do? Where will I go? The sky is the limit and I plan to use every day to the fullest. Here are a few things I plan to do this year.

Goodbye 2017…

So many things went right, so many others went wrong. 2017 was an amazing year of adventure and exploration. Here are the highlights of the year now left behind.

17 Favorite Travel Photos of Sunsets in the Southeast

Every day an hour before sunset I begin a routine that has become second nature to me: pull out a map, check the direction of sunset, and scout a location for a potential photo. I have several apps that help me with planning the location down to a specific GPS coordinate. I arrive at the destination, set up my photography and video gear, pull out a chair, and wait for the show.

16 Favorite Moments From 2016

Standing on a beach surrounded by lightning, struggling against gusting winds on the Mile High Swinging Bridge, watching epic sunsets and battling elk, almost getting stranded on a tiny island for the night, and embarking on the most amazing road trip I’ve taken yet. 2016 was a great year for travel. And it just so happens I have the photos to prove it.