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2020 Holiday Gift Guide – 10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Better Overnight Travel

Do you know someone who travels a lot? These holiday gift items will make their overnight stay better.

By Jason Barnette | Travel writer and photographer with 15+ years of road tripping experience

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Whether you are traveling for work, family, or vacation, one commonality is spending the night sleeping somewhere other than home. If you travel frequently enough, you will most likely find yourself wishing you had this or that for making hotel living more comfortable. After ten years of hotel living, I have compiled the ultimate list of all things you need for an overnight stay.

No. 1

Samsonite Luggage Cart

Most hotels have luggage carts – if you can find them. One constant irritation at hotels – from budget to luxurious – is finding an available luggage cart that will steer straight. But with the Samsonite Luggage Cart you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

The collapsible cart fits flat in the trunk with all your other overnight gear. When you’re ready to check in or check out, the handle extends to a comfortable height, and the loading tray folds out 10”. With large, durable wheels, it’s easy to roll down the hallway with about 3 bags loaded at a time.

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No. 2

Travel Hangers

Do you unpack when staying for more than a few nights? Most hotels have a small rack hanging on the wall, and some hotels have really nice armoires. Either option usually comes with a few coat hangers – but only a few, and usually with an irritating way of sliding them onto the rack.

These Travel Hangers are perfect for packing into an overnight bag and taking with you. They fold into a compact size in your bag and then unfold to the standard size of a coat hanger. With a notch for women’s clothing, it’s perfect for all travelers.

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No. 3

eBags Packing Cubes

For the longest time, I held off from exploring the world of packing cubes. Eventually, I got my first set – they were a Christmas gift – and I instantly fell in love with the organization possibilities. eBags Packing Cubes are among the best on the market and beat most competitors’ prices with equal quality.

Packing cubes are a great way to organize clothing, keep wrinkles out, and quickly pack bags for an overnight getaway. Start with the Classic 6 Piece Set with three slim, one small, one medium, and one large packing cube.

No. 4

Jelly Comb Electronics Organizer

In today’s world, we are more dependent on mobile devices than ever before. Charging blocks and cables have become part of the packing routine – unless you forgot them! The Jelly Comb Electronics Organizer is one of the better quality organizers I’ve found online.

With this particular organizer – I bought a couple of the 11” size – I can keep the charging blocks and cables for my iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad packed along with an extension cord, surge protector, and several other devices.

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No. 5

GE Extension Cord

Hotels are improving in recent years with more accessible hotels. Lamps on the desk and bedside tables now have one or two outlets – making it so much easier to plug in the charging blocks and cables. But every once in awhile, you need an outlet where none are accessible.

I have been traveling with two GE Braided Extension Cords for years. The 8’ length makes it perfect for plugging in behind a table or beneath the desk and still reaching a convenient location. The three grounded plugs at the end give me plenty of plugging real estate. The nylon braided cord is stylish and functional, with a more flexible cord for packing in your bag.

No. 6

Anker Elite Dual Charger

With so many devices to charge now, it’s so much easier when we can use a single charging block. I am very careful with what charging blocks I use for which devices – undercharging leaves devices drained, and overcharging can damage the batteries.

The 24W Anker Elite Dual Charger has two 2.4 amp USB-A ports. These ports are good for most cellphones, tablets, power banks, and other devices that need charging every night.

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No. 7

ThermoPro Digital Thermometer

One thing is always true about hotel climate control: the temperature is never what it says. Wall-mounted climate units and climate control systems alike allow guests to set a particular temperature, but it never really feels like it should. I have been traveling with the ThermoPro Digital Thermometer for years to keep the climate controlled.

The mini version of their popular indoor thermometers is less than 3” tall, has a durable stand, and operates on a single AAA battery. The top half of the screen reads the temperature, while the bottom half reads humidity. It’s the perfect travel companion for keeping an eye on your climate control for comfort.

No. 8


I got my first Addalock Portable Door Lock nearly ten years ago at the North Carolina State Fair. The funky little device was confusing at first, but once I learned how to operate it, the Addalock became one of my favorite travel accessories.

The Addalock is a nearly universal secondary lock for almost any door. One component slides into the door jamb while another component slides onto the first to create a solid, steel-reinforced lock. It’s perfect for travelers who stay in private rooms at hostels or Airbnb and rooms at smaller bed and breakfasts.

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No. 9

JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker

For those who don’t enjoy singing in the shower to their own tune, the JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker is a great way to get music into the shower as you travel. With a carabiner clip at the top, it’s easy to hang on racks and most showerheads in showers. Using Bluetooth to connect to your phone – located safely outside the shower – you can control the volume with buttons on the waterproof device.

No. 10


Hotel renovations are sweeping across the country, and the most common change is replacing carpeted rooms with faux hardwood floors. While this makes cleaning easier, it also makes feet colder. On a recent road trip – hosted with Red Roof Inn and their faux hardwood floors – I decided to pick up a pair of Freewaters Normal Slippers.

The rubber outsoles – complete with arch support – provide excellent traction while walking around the hotel or B&B. The wool insole and upper half of the slipper will keep your feet warm while walking outside!

For the ladies, the Freewaters Norah Slippers are an equivalent with the same rubbery sole, wool interior, and a bit more fashion.

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Do you have a question about travel or road trips? Are you a CVB or DMO interested in working with me? I typically respond to emails within 24 hours. Quicker if you include a good riddle.

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